Dedication to my giants (2009)

Dedication to my giants

01. Joyspring
02. What are you doing the rest of your life?
03. All the way
04. Whisper not
05. Nica´s dream
06. How do you keep the music playing?
07. My shining hour
08. Once you love
09. I got a woman
10. Didima
11. Stockholm sweetning
12. Very early
13. Four

  • 01. Joyspring
  • 02. Nica´s dream

This album is a tribute to some of the legendary jazz icons and great contributors to jazz history, who have influenced and inspired me in my music and my singing. I love to interpret their songs and therefore I like to remember them as my very own jazz giants. Recorded with Claes Crona Trio feat. Andreas Öberg (guitar) and Roger Pontare (vocals), Stockholm, April 2009 (Crown Jewels)